The imposing views and the unique landscapes of Antiparos will fascinate you, as you enjoy the serenity and calmness of the place.

Luxury accommodation and premium quality services will delight you.
The outdoor places are sublime, including an infinity swimming pool with splendidly comfortable sunbeds, as well as a lush garden.

A splendidly refreshing swimming pool 150sq. m. as well as large exterior areas with pool facilities and a picturesque garden are highlights or dive into the crystal blue waters of our private beach.

BBQ facilities will be a highlight during your stay, as you will get the chance to prepare your meal outdoors and taste it with your cherished company at the most romantic surroundings. The lighting of the exterior places in the villa is enticing, adding to the sublime atmosphere and enabling you to unwind and rejuvenate. Feel free to relax at the lounge area and make the most out of the whole villa.
External salons & tables
Villa Astir, Antiparos
Soros, Antiparos
ZipCode: 84007
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