This villa, is located near to Soros Beach of Antiparos Island in a total area 630 sq. m. in a plot of 6,000 sq. m.
It is built in 2 levels and with panoramic view over the Aegean Sea. It is just 8 km from the town of Antiparos and 12 km from the Port and Airport of Paros Island.

How to Arrive to Villa Astir:
Nearest Airport: Paros Airport
Nearest Port: Antiparos Port 8 km
Nearest Town: Antiparos 8 km
Nearest Beach: Soros Beach 2minutes sandy beach
The only ways to arrive in Antiparos Island is through Paros Island, or by private yacht or helicopter (that upon request a concierge team will book for you).
There are regular flights from Athens to Paros Airport. From The Airport of Paros you have to get by vehicle to the small port of Pounda where you can catch a 7-minute ferry ride that can carry both passengers and vehicles across to the port of Antiparos. The last ferry boat from Pounda Port, Paros leaves at 2:30a.m.  (during the summer season).
If you choose to come from Athens by ship or high speed vessels you can start your trip from the port of Piraeus (PIR) or from Rafina (RAF) the destination is  the Port of  Parikia, Paros from there it’s a 15minute vehicle ride to the port of Pounda or you can choose a small passenger boat that will take you straight to Antiparos.
From the Town/Port of Antiparos you have to come by car to Soros Beach where our Villa is located, its 8km away. Or you can come via bus (stop Soros Beach).
Villa Astir, Antiparos
Soros, Antiparos
ZipCode: 84007
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